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Hot or Not: Battle Over Endor

The Space Bone-Arm crew is back with a Hot or Not: Battle Over Endor article! Unlike our most recent Separatist Alliance and YT-2400/TIE Bomber articles, we’re relatively on time for this one! This will be the last addition of pilots prior to Worlds, so we’re excited to issue our poorly constructed judgements on how impactful they’ll be on the current pre-Worlds meta!

We’ve had what feels like a lull in content this season for X-wing. The two expansion packs (TIE Bomber/YT-2400) released in August did not have a widespread impact on the meta and points documents didn’t include any changes until the Battle Over Endor reveal. While I would argue that while the meta-relevant Standard Loadout (SL) Bomber Expansion pilots play differently than their Barrage Rocket counterparts, their release hasn’t enabled a plethora of new meta Empire lists. The other release, the YT-2400 Expansion, was a complete dud. According to, there has only been approximately two dozen list appearances of both Rebel Leebo and Dash (custom+SL) and only six appearances of Scum Leebo (zero instances of Scum Dash…). For comparison, the new TIE Bomber Expansion Tomax SL alone has been observed in well over one hundred and eighty lists in the same timeframe!

During this time, players have been really chomping at the bit for new content or points changes. While I personally do not think we’ve “solved” the meta, I do understand players wanting changes to keep things fresh (this is especially true for players that main specific factions). Unfortunately our newest pending release, The Battle Over Endor (BoE) Scenario, brings more of the same for many players due to being a Rebel/Empire only release.

Oh snap! Here they come!!

The introduction of new BoE pilots into the AMG Points Document was accompanied by a minimal set of points changes that saw a handful of meta monsters get their loadout values adjusted. AMG’s apparent goal was to keep common lists intact while still lowering of the power level of problematic pilots. By only lowering select loadout values, many standout Standard Loadout pilots were left untouched (SoC Oddball, BoY Luke, TBE Tomax, etc) and unplayed pilots saw no help. Due to the minimal nature of these changes, the reception has been a bit mixed as it did nothing to raise up the poor performing factions. There is an argument to be made that adjusting “meta monsters” may enable some underplayed lists to rise up, however it’s hard to think that will happen given the lack of widespread tournaments before Worlds. Personally, I was surprised that AMG even went this far 1 1/2 months from Worlds given that they gave us a single set of points for the entirety of the 2023-2024 competitive season. All that said, the Space Bone-Arm crew has kept the newest points changes in mind while rating these new BoE pilots. So let’s get into it!

Brief format reminder; I polled the Bone-Arm crew and asked them to judge the new pilots in a segment titled “Hot () or Not ()”, in terms of pilot (not people!) strength. Members of the Bone-Arm crew are presented with a single pilot and their point values, asked to declare “Hot” or “Not”, and then given an opportunity to provide a short explanation for their vote.

If you’re interested in just a few of our opinions, feel free to scroll down or use the Table of Contents to find the pilots you care the most about! If you like what you read here, then feel free to check out our previous articles.

Let’s get into it!

Captain Yorr: TIE/D Defender (Standardized)

New: 6 points.

Steve: Not! I don’t think he has enough tools compared to Vader in that six point slot.

Jon: Hot! A six point Defender will likely see table time. Will it change the meta? Probably not, given that Vader is also six points.

Kevin: Not! He’s not going to beat out Vader, but I love his devotion to violence. I’d probably be higher on him if that Ion Cannon was something else.

Verdict: Not ! The crew isn’t super high on the first Defender to hit that six point price point! Triple Defenders! Like Jon, I think we’ll see him in lists, but I don’t think he compares too favorably to Vader or the next pilot.

Colonel Jendon: TIE/D Defender (Standardized)

New: 7 points.

Steve: Hot! Is this the most over-tuned ship in the game? His skill ceiling is in the heavens, but he can also die if he tries to go too aggressive. Feels like a canonical Defender.

Jon: Not! Lacking the free evade really hurts his chances to survive, but he has a discount compared to the other i6 Defender. I don’t think he’s worth taking over the seven point Decimators.

Kevin: Hot! I think if you’re only taking one ace to center a list, the SL Vader cards are probably better for six points. That said, this guy is going to be a menace. Luckily, he looks killable without Full Throttle.

Verdict: Hot ! Feels like a very high ceiling, semi-low floor Defender without the free Evades. In well-practiced hands, he looks terrifying and everyone should come up with a plan for how to deal with him. The high, seven point cost may prevent him from being super widespread.

Maus Monare: TIE/IN Interceptor (Standardized)

New: 5 points.

Steve: Not! Five points is a little steep, but this does remind me of a weaker Grievous. Not terrible, but isn’t going to compete with Soontir for the same cost.

Jon: Not! For five points, it doesn’t make sense at i3. It won’t be easy to avoid arcs or use Outmaneuver.

Kevin: Hot! Reminds me of Second Sister with a little Grievous mixed in. Likely cannot be priced at four points due to all the tools he has access to (he’s essential a Force user at times). Sadly won’t see much play at five, but I bet some people will make him work.

Verdict: Not ! A very cool pilot that the crew doesn’t have much faith in. This kit is super good and likely cannot be priced at four points, so he’ll remain relegated behind more reliable five point options like Soontir (or even Grand Inquisitor). That said, I believe that some dedicated players will be able to get shockingly good value out of this guy. Maybe Goran is the key?

Sapphire 2: TIE/IN Interceptor (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Not! Reckless looks very fun. Probably not competitive, but fun.

Jon: Hot! Looks like a fun option for four points. Extra green dice, extra options for boost and barrel roll make it very squirrel-y. Could be a lot of fun even at i1.

Kevin: Not! Similar to Maus, this appears to be a fun and interesting ship that likely won’t be played due to points. I think the kit is super hot, but their probably not seeing the table much at four.

Verdict: Not ! One of the themes of this pack seems to be “super cool kit, but maybe not competitive”. Sapphire 2 appears to fit the bill for this again. Their kit is packed full of powerful and interesting abilities that are a little tough to justify at their points cost. Again, likely won’t be super common but can’t be completely ignored for list building.

Soontir Fel: TIE/IN Interceptor (Standardized)

New: 5 points.

Steve: Hot! Looks fun and competitive. That non-action barrel roll or boost after attacking makes some crazy stuff possible.

Jon: Hot! Great new loadout for Soontir. You don’t have to worry about choosing to arc dodge or shoot, now you can just shoot and then arc dodge!

Kevin: Hot! He’s hot, but I think he’ll have a low floor and high ceiling. Arc dodging after shooting is a neat mechanism that breaks my brain a little bit.

Verdict: Hot ! In competition to be one of the shining stars of this pack. Soontir’s kit is completely redone in an interesting manner. I prefer ships like this that seem to have clear tradeoffs compared to to their comparably priced custom versions. I don’t think this new Soontir is for me, but the crew thinks he’s going to see the table and make an impact.

Lieutenant Hebsly: TIE/LN Fighter (Standardized)

New: 3 points.

Steve: Not! A lot of defensive tech for a low target priority ship.

Jon: Hot! A defensive three point ship could be great bait or an objective runner.

Kevin: Not! I think this guy is super neat, but I don’t think we’re seeing him outside the scenario. This kit feels designed to fly in a block of BoE TIEs.

Verdict: Not ! Another cool pilot that doesn’t seem super viable at their price point. Without an extra red dice or other offensive tech, besides No Escape, there’s no real reason to shoot at this guy.

Major Mianda: TIE/LN Fighter (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Not! Also looks very fun, but I don’t think they’ll be competitive. I’d love to fly these three TIE/LN’s in a block for casual night.

Jon: Hot! Great to fly with a few other TIE’s. I want to pair Wampa up with Mianda.

Kevin: Not! Four points is a tough sell for a pilot that needs friends, especially without any way to get three red dice natively. Still, the kit is interesting with the bonus repositioning and Swarm Tactics.

Verdict: Not ! Another nifty pilot that feels tuned more for the scenario than competitive play (which is fine!). The crew doesn’t think they’ll see the table normally, but don’t count them out for a fun LGS night/local tournament play!

Scythe 6: TIE/LN Fighter (Standardized)

New: 3 points.

Steve: Hot! This guy could see play on his own. Extra dice and free mods? Nice. People may also be sleeping on No Escape. The ghost of “Howlrunner” smiles upon them.

Jon: Hot! Seems like a great wingmate for Mianda.

Kevin: Hot! Three points for an improved TIE/LN that can roll 3-4 red dice? Yes please! I don’t even care that they’re i2, they can’t be easily ignored.

Verdict: Hot ! The only BoE TIE/LN that looks good in a vacuum! Rolling additional dice (with a built in passive mods) and an extra hull will make Scythe 6 a competitive option for that three point slot. Plus the new barrel roll into evade action could make them a nifty disruptor once they get into the scrum.

Scimitar 1: TIE/SA Bomber (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Hot! Straightforward and good. Maybe a little too expensive for four points. Tomax scratches a similar itch, but with a cheaper cost and higher initiative.

Jon: Not! I’m torn. Just looking at the ship, it seems great and probably fits four points. But I don’t know if it will beat the other three point TIE Bombers. It’s good for two shots and then has to reload and be out of the fight.

Kevin: Hot! Low initiative, but can double mod their own Proton Torpedoes. Locking during the Engagement Phase is always good for low initiative ordinance carriers. I’m not sure he’ll see a lot of play with Tomax at three, but he looks very viable.

Verdict: Hot ! This guy might not be your first choice when starting at Empire four point options, but he looks super appealing and should be kept in mind during list building. Having access to a double-modded four dice attack means he can’t be ignored. If Tomax SL ever goes up to four points, I think Scimitar 1 might start to see serious consideration (or take both now!). Ion Bombs also means that he has some tools after that initial engagement is over.

Scimitar 3: TIE/SA Bomber (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Not! Some fun abilities and probably fun in the scenario. Competitive play? Not so much.

Jon: Not! Is this “Deathfire” before he got a name? Just seems cheeky, but not competitive compared to other existing TIE Bombers.

Kevin: Not! Cool ability and carries Proton Torpedoes, but feels inferior to free lock boy above. I’d leave this one at home if I were taking a four point Bomber.

Verdict: Not ! Another fun looking ship that looks competitively outclassed by other options. That said, we’re excited to see them on the table for the scenario!

Wedge Antilles: T-65 X-wing (Standardized)

New: 5 points.

Steve: Hot! Wedge finally got some defensive tech (and a Shield Upgrade to boot)! Certainly a strong piece with an angry torpedo. Definitely a contender in the Rebel faction at five points.

Kevin: Hot! Defensive Wedge? Barrel roll into focus at i6? No S-foils to forget? I’ve seen people say that he’s “boring”, but this guy is certified hot imo.

Ernie: Not! This is hard. I really like “It’s a Trap!” on Rebel ships as it can help them shake off early game shots. Gaining a Focus after a hit is also nice for defense, but I don’t think this all makes him hot.

Verdict: Hot ! I’m with Steve on this one, Wedge looks certified H-O-T to me. He’s not going to terrorized opponents in the same manner that custom Wedge can, but I’m all for defensive studs that have the tools to dish out pain when positioned correctly. His upgrades all seem focused on allowing him to live and deliver a double-modded Advanced Proton Torpedo. Getting an upgraded action bar is a sweet bonus for an i6 that previously only had one way to reposition with mods.

Yendor: T-65 X-wing (Standardized)

New: 5 points.

Steve: Not! I don’t think he cuts it at five points. Feels like a four and quarter pointer to me.

Kevin: Not! i5 X-wings are neat and Yendor actually has a cool kit. That said, he’s not getting played over three or four other five point X-wings.

Ernie: Not! Yendor is a stupid name and he should be a Y-wing pilot or something.

Verdict: Not ! Please excuse Ernie’s lack of care for minor canonical Star Wars characters. In a vacuum, Yendor looks pretty appealing. High initiative, improved action bar, defensive rerolls, offense-boosting ability, a torpedo, and a way to get a free action. Unfortunately, he’s just behind the power curve for the current Rebel faction and his ability doesn’t feel all that great for a ship shooting at i5 if you’re not flanking. If BoY Luke goes up to six points, I can see Yendor getting some play time. Until then, he’s probably on the bench.

Kendy Idele: T-65 X-wing (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Hot! For four points, this ship feels pretty ok. However, I think that it’s not going to be taken much due to other, better options in the faction.

Kevin: Hot! Kendy feels borderline hot to me. Her ability is worse than Garven’s (although extra evade actions can be amazing), but is balanced out by the new action bar + “It’s a Trap!”. I don’t think she’ll see the table much, but I plan on flying her once Worlds has passed.

Ernie: Not! I don’t know what to think about this guy*. Having the ability to “hand out” tokens is nice and for four points, I’ll try it. I just don’t know about declaring hot.

Verdict: Hot ! Kendy barely squeezes into the hot category. Her total kit feels solid, but not fantastic, which means she wont be player’s first choice BoE pilot to see the table. That said, four points for an improved X-wing looks pretty good! I also think that having a defensive reroll (if you can keep it up all game…) makes her slightly tankier than a T-70, which seems really solid for a four point ship with versatile upgrades.

*Kendy is a lady.

Lando Calrissian: Modified YT-1300 (Standardized)

New: 7 points.

Steve: Hot! There is a lot of stuff going on here. On first glance, he looks comparable to Han after the recent LV reduction. I think I’ll need to see him in action to get a full understanding of how his kit comes together in-game, but it looks flexible and strong.

Kevin: Hot! He’s got a lot going on, but definitely seems to have the tools to get s*** done as a support piece with firepower. AMG seems to understand that double-taps help make large base ships worth their points, but Cracken looks more balanced than Preceptive Copilot + Bistan builds.

Ernie: Hot! I really like this build and his pilot ability. I think the I’d be hesitant to fly him if Han was hands down better at the moment, but things have changed.

Verdict: Hot ! This Lando looks like a blast. Being able to choose when you activate sounds incredible and he looks extremely versatile overall. I personally get vibes similar to BoY Han in how he has tools to enable clever combos and gameplay. I’m excited to see top players use him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a splash at Worlds in an interesting list.

Arvel Crynyd: RZ-1 A-wing (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Not! He’s fun and thematic for the scenario, but I don’t think this is going to fit well into standard play.

Kevin: Not! He gets a Shield Upgrade and a Procket Rocket, which is cool. Unfortunately the Proton Rocket is going to feel fairly sad at i3. Heroic Sacrifice looks like a meme for standard play.

Ernie: Not! I love how they’re integrating this movie moment into the game. I can definitely imagine the clutch sacrificial trade, but I would rather just avoid that situation altogether.

Verdict: Not ! Super neat. Super thematic. Probably not good in regular X-wing games. We all think he’ll be super fun in scenario, but this kit doesn’t look great for standard games at four points.

Tycho Celchu: RZ-1 A-wing (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Not! Very interesting and cool kit, but I just don’t think that he competes with the three and five cost options Rebels have.

Kevin: Not! I pushed a borderline Kendy up to hot, but I’m pushing a borderline Tycho down to not. Shield Upgrade and Juke might be enough for him to get value at four points, but having Vectored Cannons means that lining up the Proton Rocket will be difficult.

Ernie: Hot! I like this build, but I’m surprised that there isn’t an ability that disarms him to grant extra mobility for getting that Proton Rocket off.

Verdict: Not ! Tycho is another interesting, but possibly overshadowed SL from this pack. However, unlike Arvel, all of us see potential with this kit for standard games. His ability with Proton Rockets feels designed with the scenario in mind (stationary targets), but might work out in standard games. He’s probably worth trying out in combination with BoE Lando for extra actions.

Gemmer Sojan: RZ-1 A-wing (Standardized)

New: 3 points.

Steve: Hot! This guy might be the best ship in the pack. Your opponents will need to bring extra guns just to take out a three point ship.

Kevin: Hot! I cheated and just flew Gemmer. This dude is as hot as it gets for a defensive piece with “filler” pricing. Keo is probably the only better objective running three pointer in the faction.

Ernie: Hot! I like this guy as a blocker. Pretty straight forward build with a low cost. Just always focus. The free calculate is a great bonus.

Verdict: Hot ! I’m ready to declare with Steve that Gemmer will be the best pilot to initially emerge from this pack. Unless you’re putting out insanely modded five to six dice shots, you’re going to need multiple ships to fire at him in a single turn to take him out. The Vectored Cannons + Precision-Tuned Cannons means that he can turn into a mini Firespray. Target-Assist Algorithm and the “CLT” aspect of his cannon are just icing on the cake.

Adon Fox: A/SF-01 B-wing (Standardized)

New: 5 points.

Steve: Not! He could have been four points to be honest.

Kevin: Not! I understand that AMG probably didn’t want an eight health ship with two green dice to be four points, but that unfortunately makes him a obvious “dead on arrival” pilot.

Ernie: Not! I like “Parting Gift” as B-wings tend to die quickly and his ability seems great for the chassis, but the price feels bad.

Verdict: Not ! Another ship with a cool kit that feels just slightly too pricy for standard play. Hopefully AMG starts doing more regular points changes and allows him to eventually rotate into lists at four points for a limited time. i1 is a big limitation and those Proton Rockets are likely never getting off against enemy small base ships.

Gina Moonsong: A/SF-01 B-wing (Standardized)

New: 5 points.

Steve: Hot! Another overtuned ship, but this may be what it takes to make a five point B-wing viable.

Kevin: Hot! People seemed a bit down on Gina being five points upon reveal, but her kit is amazing. She’s attached to Braylen, so she’ll only be as strong as the pair, which makes her kit feel a bit more fair.

Ernie: Hot! I really like the new chassis ability. Evades are good and side bombs will help with flanks. The pairing with Braylen is also cool.

Verdict: Hot ! Holy offensive mods! If paired with Braylen, this Gina can potentially shoot a “triple” modded Proton Torpedo at a target of her choosing (during the Engagement Phase!). While this might seem incredible, she has to be paired with a Braylen Stramm that gets stressed in some manner. Her offensive power level looks extremely high, but is limited by the usefulness of adding Braylen to the list.

Braylen Stramm: A/SF-01 B-wing (Standardized)

New: 4 points.

Steve: Hot! He doesn’t carry the four points on his own, but the Gina-Braylen combo for nine points feels like a strong block that still leaves room for great five and three point options.

Kevin: Hot! I don’t think he’s actually hot in isolation, but he’s hot at four points when combined with Gina. I’m just glad that Homing Missiles mostly suck, which will help the pair from feeling too oppressive.

Ernie: Hot! Package deal with Gina. I’ll likely be flying these two at Adepticon.

Verdict: Hot ! The Space Bone-Arm crew loves what AMG has done with the Braylen-Gina pair (a canonical couple in the Star Wars media). In isolation, neither really feels like they’re worth their points as B-wings tend to explode. But together, they feel like a viable jousting pair on par with the current Republic Arcs.

Hot or Not: Battle Over Endor

Finally some new X-wing content! While the Battle Over Endor release is sadly not accompanied by sweeping points changes or content for the other five factions, I’m excited to finally get some changes to the game. After reviewing the newest pilots, the Bone-Arm crew ended up evenly split on the number of “Hot” (10) and “Not” (10) pilots. This feels like a pretty solid ratio for a new release given that many of us were fairly positive about the “Not” pilots for casual, non-competitive gameplay.

The biggest question remaining for Battle Over Endor will be its alleged legality for Worlds 2024. AMG has committed to the pack being released and legal for the tournament, citing an expected March 8th release date. Unfortunately, the Asmodee website has retained, as of publication, a March 15th release date for many weeks and there are doubts that product will be widely available to all Worlds attendees in their home countries (given historical stock woes ). Fortunately, all the pilots have been revealed and Worlds attendees are capable of proxying the cards for testing prior to the event. There is also an expectation that product could be sold directly to players at Adepticon, but I have not heard anything to solidly confirm this rumor and would personally prefer to directly support my own local game store.

What happened to Norra and Jake?! I guess they were too focused on taking down the Death Star II.
Lets get a Scum & Villainy oriented scenario with Standard Loadouts!

While many of us are eagerly awaiting Battle Over Endor, the Space Bone-Arm crew is antsy for additional product centered around factions not named Empire and Rebel! While Scum & Villainy is a faction rich in ship chassis, their only Standard Loadouts are in the form of the ill-received YT-2400 pilots. Standard Loadouts feel like the perfect way to introduce weird flavor into the faction without generating the kind of “unfun” combinations that AMG appears to be keen to avoid with their Scum LV cuts. Resistance and FO also feel wildly overdue to receive one of the next scenario packs. I’m eager to see what kind of Standard Loadouts AMG will cook up for pilots like Kylo Ren and/or Poe Dameron!

I hope you enjoyed this version of “Hot or Not” for the Hot or Not: Battle Over Endor! We’ll be taking a planned mini-hiatus until after Worlds! Our next article will likely either be a Worlds recap or be centered around “hot take” changes we’d like to see made to the game!

I’m certain that many of you (including other Space Bone-Arm crew members) disagree with any of our “Hot” or “Not” designations! If so, leave a comment below! If you enjoyed this article, please check out our other articles!

Posted on: Feb 24th, 2024

Written by: Kevin L.

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