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X-Wing 2023 Bone-Arm Battle Bonanza!

While X-Wing is in a great place right now, and the Bone-Arm Crew is still regularly able to make it in-person to our Friendly Local Game Stores across the US, when points are not updated for some time, we often find ourselves looking for ways to flex our creative muscles in the X-Wing universe and find new takes to bring to the table. This time we thought it might be a perect opportunity to discuss our shenanigans and maybe encourage others to find similarly new ways to enjoy X-Wing if you are feeling a slight nudge of monotony in a somewhat stagnant seeming meta!

To shake things up, we decided to go with 7 veriations on the current points but a tweaks I’ll detail below. The intention is to have a fun shakeup, but still get some X-Wing games in! We are keeping track of not only the “winners” by who wins matches, but also awarding BONER POINTS which indicate who is following the deviation most interestingly and with the most Bone-Arm Heart. Take a look at our ruleset with descriptions below!

  1. Battleship Boys
  2. Revenge of the Faceless
  3. Oooops….
  4. Extended Fun Times
  5. The Old Days
  6. Jank Tank’s Revenge
  7. Chump Time to Shine

I’ll delve into our homebrew takes on rules ect. below!

Battleship Boys

  • Two ship lists only
  • Unlimited loadout
  • Extended legal
  • No banlist in place
  • Chance Engagement is the only scenario
    • Still a center objective
  • No squad point restrictions
    • Unused points will not be awarded to opponent at start of round
      • “Lowest Squad Points”
      • “Lowest Loadout” value above legal
      • “Highest Loadout” value above legal

Revenge of the Faceless

  • Generic ships only!
  • Generic upgrades only!
  • Ban draft
    • Each Boney gets to ban 1 generic pilot
  • Faction draft
    • Each Boney will choose a faction, no repeat faction choices
  • Three unique (non-limited) pilots must be taken
  • Roll for scenario
    • Ship voted as MVP of each match


  • Build your opponents list!
  • Standard format
  • Roll for scenario
  • No generic ships allowed
    • Made best opponent list
    • Made worst opponent list

Extended Fun Times!!

  • Extended, no ban list
  • Roll for objective
  • Just good old fashion 2.5 using extended lists!
    • Highest number of extended ships

Ye Olde Days

  • Extended, no ban list
  • Classic 2.0, no objectives!
    • Most points scored!

Jank Tank Revenge!

  • Standard format
  • Roll for scenario
  • Faction draft
    • Best random list
    • Worst random list

Chump Time To Shine!

  • Standard format
  • Roll for scenario
  • Faction draft
  • No ships above i3!!!!
    • Keeping track of ships that score points, who had the i3 ACE!?!