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Space Bone-Arm: An X-wing Blog!

Welcome to Space Bone-Arm! We’re a group of (primarily) Star Wars: X-wing Miniatures game players that decided, on a whim, to create a new website/blog as a means to stay connected! Our vision for this site is to use it as a space to post recaps and analysis of our games, share our thoughts about X-wing, and other content we feel compelled to add to the internet.

While we mostly plan on sharing X-wing related content, , we also want to branch out and write about other games (both video and board)! This might include articles about games like Galaxy Truckers (look it up), Valheim (who doesn’t want to be a viking?), and many others.

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Our sick Mr. Boney logo, courtesy of Natalie Telis!

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Yes, we will post pictures!

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Some in-person gameplay!