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Kylo (off screen) and friends go against Lando’s Rebel scum! Nightfall is clearly out of position and in danger…oops.
Games of Berkeley, April 2023.
Pre Vizsla and his droid friends go against Hondo, Koshka, and Dr. Aphra!
Games of Berkeley, April 2023.

Action pictures of Steve and Ted playing at Day 1 of Worlds! They both qualified based on their LCQ performances. See Steve and Ted’s recaps for more details on the LCQ! March 2023.

Steve’s FO list faces off against a Tierny list at a local tournament!
Tyton Games (Illinois), March 2023.
Jon using a proxy Keo (they’re not a droid!) to block Dooku off the board! Sorry Ted.
Misty Games (Madison, WI), February 2023.
Kev’s Heratanni list goes up against a Whisper swarm at the Golden State Games Worlds Qualifier.
November, 2022.
Kev’s favorite custom painted ship (Hera’s A-wing!). Commissioned through Pym Miniatures.
Kev’s Slammin Chewie list goes up against Jango/Grievous/Cad/Drone.
Games of Berkeley Tournament, October 2022.
Kallus and some token passing support (Benthic and Evaan) go up against Jango!
Games of Berkeley, September 2022.
Steve on the Final table at Dragon Fall!
Dragon Fall (Lake Geneva), October 2023.
Ernie’s Rebels take on another Rebel list at Dragon Fall.
Dragon Fall (Lake Geneva), October 2022.
Jon needed two damage on a cloaked Cad Bane and pulls it off!
Dragon Fall (Lake Geneva), October 2022.
Extended night! Kev finally got to fly Guri against a Punisher list.
Games of Berkeley, August 2022.
Kev attempts to fly a (bad) Z-95 swarm against a beefy Empire list.
Games of Berkeley, July 2022.
From Kev’s first in-person tournament at Dragon’s Den in Stockon, CA (July 2022)!
Kayla’s Scum list took down my Republic list on the final turn of the game.
Obi-wan chases down some Resistance trash.
Home casual play, June 2022.
Double ST-70s against a B-wing joust!
Games of Berkeley, May 2022.
Ezra Gauntlet surrounded by enemies in early 2.5! Boy do I miss cheap AP-5 carrying around K-2SO :'(
Games of Berkeley, April 2022.
Steve faces off against Ryan Farmer on the GSP stream!
Adepticon, March 2022.
Ghost charging into battle! Early 2.5 game featuring a 2 pt Blount and 4 pt Thane!
Home casual play, March 2022.